Roller doors or those made in sections are often installed on commercial garages and showrooms, and you may not have thought about having this type of door installed on the garage you have at home. There are some good reasons why commercial garages and showrooms use roller and sectioned doors versus those made of one piece and that swing out when opening or closing, and these reasons may apply to your own garage at home! Consider a few advantages that roller and sectioned doors offer over doors made of one piece of wood or metal, and you might see that they're a good choice for your home's garage.

1. They can be opened partway

A commercial garage may need to open a door just partway to let in some fresh air while still keeping their noise insulated and blocking some sunlight. You may appreciate roller doors or those made in sections for the same reason. If you work in your garage and use paints, solvents or anything with fumes and dust, it's good to open the door slightly for ventilation. If you use your garage as a makeshift sunroom, you may also want some fresh air but shade from the sun.

With a door that folds up and then stores overhead, you may not have any control over how much it actually opens and closes. Because of the weight of these doors, they're often not meant to be slightly ajar, as this can pull on the tracks and cause them to separate from the wall. With a garage door that rolls up overhead or that is made in sections, you can typically open or close it as much or as little as you prefer.

2. They're easier to open manually

A roller or sectioned door may come with an automatic opener, but they also typically have a chain that you can use to open them manually. If the opener should break, it's much easier to open a roller door with the chain than it is to open an overhead garage door. When you're opening a garage door that is made of one piece of metal or wood, you're lifting that entire piece at one time. With a sectioned door, it gets lifted a section at a time, and the chain helps with the weight of the lifting. If you have a bad back or not much upper body strength, or just don't want to lift a heavy garage door when the opener breaks, a sectioned or roller door can be a much easier and safer option for you.

If you have specific questions about using a roller door for your garage, contact a company like RSCS All Suburbs to learn more.