Installing a garage door at your home could seem like an easy DIY task. However, doing so is not as easy as you would think. Below is a guide detailing the considerations to make when installing a garage door. 

Inspect the garage area to determine the viability of your project. One of your concerns should be whether the garage door can fit. This is especially important if you have an open garage. If you have a pre-built garage, check whether the opening is large enough for your car. Ideally, the garage door should be large enough to ensure you can park all kinds of vehicles inside. 

Your next task is to determine the opening mechanism of the garage door. Rolling and sliding doors are an ideal option since they occupy minimal space. A garage door that opens to the inside could damage your vehicle. If it opens to the outside, you will have to stop your vehicle a few meters away from the garage when entering. 

What type of garage door will you install? Below are some common types of garage doors:

  • Wood garage doors are preferred by homeowners that would want a wooden exterior finish. If this is your choice, use pressure-treated wood. It is weather- and pest-resistant.
  • Steel garage doors are known to last a lifetime. However, they are considerably heavy.
  • Aluminium is an ideal choice for homeowners that require a lightweight door. They are your best bet if you want a sectional, roll-up or tilt-up set-up.
  • PVC and fibreglass is also an option. The primary benefit of these doors is that they come in a wide range of designs and finishes. Similar to aluminium, they are also lightweight. 

With adequate funds, you should install an automatic garage door opener. The opener ensures convenience since you do not have to leave the comfort of your vehicle. When choosing a garage door opener, assess the motor size. Typically, it should be powerful enough to lift the garage door. Besides, the opener should have a backup power source to prevent you from getting locked in or out in case of a power outage. Assess the gate's opening mechanism. Most openers will have a remote key. However, they should also have a digital keypad or fingerprint scanner to be used by people that do not have the remote fob. Some gates have a number plate detection system that automatically opens the gate when your vehicle pulls up. 

When installing a garage door, inspect the area, determine an appropriate opening mechanism, determine a suitable door and consider automatic garage doors. Contact a garage door installation company for more information.