Roller garage doors are structures designed and made from several horizontal slats hinged together. They are operated through a rolling mechanism and the action can be automated to ease the convenience during access. These doors are typically made from resilient metals therefore they will provide protection against wind, hail and rain. The garage feature is resilient and it can deter attempts at burglary and vandalism from unscrupulous individuals

There are diverse types of roller shutter garage doors in the market so choosing the best one for your home may be challenging. Here are the primary aspects that you should consider to ensure that the ideal structure is identified:


Steel garage doors are popular in the residential market because they are relatively affordable and durable. The structure of these roller doors is sturdy and strong so they are vulnerable to denting due to light mechanical impact. You can purchase shutters with varied thicknesses depending on factors such as susceptibility to damage and budget constraints. Steel doors require light maintenance to prevent rust and general corrosion.

Aluminium roller garage doors are relatively cheaper alternatives to steel. They offer the same dependable protection and are not vulnerable to rust. Unfortunately, this metal is lighter so the risk of denting is higher. It is advisable to purchase insulated roller doors to prevent energy inefficiency in the garage space.


The security measures on roller shutter garage doors are not homogeneous therefore it is vital to evaluate the aspect before purchase. There are different types of locking mechanisms installed in these types of garage doors to prevent unauthorised entry. Standard structures have sliding bars which secure the doors internally to the adjacent walls.

If you are considering installing a manual door, look for one with a high-quality cylinder lock and handle. You should also inquire about the possibility of access by forcing an object below the bottom part of the rollerdoor. Ideally, this part should be sealed with a rubber layer to minimise the risk of wedging anything under it. In addition, the seal will prevent entry of dust, mice and debris into the space.

Finishes and Colours

The curb appeal of your home will be affected by the garage door because it is a prominent structure. It is crucial for you to identify items that will advance the aesthetics of your property. You can choose popular finishes such as vinyl coats that mimic the appearance of wood. There are also beautiful powder-coat finishes which offer long-lasting minimalist visual effects.

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