Your garage door is designed to provide security and act as a barrier. This is essential because your garage often offers access to your vehicle and your home. This means you need a security door installed that is designed to minimise this weak point of your home. There are a few ways you can increase the security of your garage door and allow for more protection.

Rolling Code Technology

Rolling code technology is what modern automatic garage doors are infused with today. In the past, garage doors all featured the same code or had the ability to create a customised code. However, these types of automatic garage doors were easy for thieves to infiltrate. Cracking these codes was commonplace. This led to the invention of rolling code technology. This type of technology is unique because it allows your garage opener to send a new code each time that you use your opener. This makes your garage door much less vulnerable to break-ins and makes it pretty impossible for robbers to crack the code on your garage door.  Rolling code technology is something your current garage door must have built-in if you use an automatic opener.

Cover Garage Windows

It is never a good idea to give trespassers an open view of what is inside your garage. No matter what type of garage door you have installed, you should take the time to cover or frost all the attached windows. You never want to make anything easier on criminals and windows are a weak-point in security doors. It is even better to install a garage door that has no windows attached. This removes the potential for anyone to look inside or scope out your garage. Companies like Aus Secure offer security screens for windows, and these could be another option for keeping your garage secure if you don't want to frost windows.

Red Cell Testing

When you want to know where your garage is most vulnerable, you have your security door tested using red cell testing. This involves checking all aspects of your garage door for any vulnerabilities. All the weak points of your garage door can be assessed and you will be able to know how a thief would potentially try to break-in using your garage door. Red cell testing can be done on your entire property or it can be concentrated on one area. Suggestions that might be made after red cell testing include installing a pad lock on your garage when you leave for a trip or to add an emergency release to your garage door.

Limiting the weak-points of your garage door is possible if you are wiling to take additional measures to add more levels of protection.