Most modern garage doors are built with a remote control mechanism that allows you to operate the system remotely, as long as the controller and the motor are within range of one another. Occasionally, homeowners experience issues with their remote system that require simple troubleshooting. Here are two of the most common issues with remote garage door openers and a few simple ways you can fix them.

First, check your batteries

One of the most common issues that homeowners experience with their remote control is having the batteries weaken or die and not be able to generate any power to operate the garage door. Depending upon your motor model, you will need to produce a certain number of volts from your controller to effectively open and close your system. As your batteries weaken, you will notice that you have to be closer to the motor for the garage door to respond. So if you begin to experience problems with your garage door remote control, you should always replace the batteries and then test your system.

To change your batteries, check your remote to determine if it slides off or if you need a butter knife or coin to insert into the small slot on the back to gain access to the battery compartment. Most openers have the slot present, which is designed to prevent the remote from easily coming ajar and the battery falling out. Once you've opened the device, remove the batteries within and recycle them if possible. With the new batteries, be sure to match the positive and negative signs. After which point, close the compartment and then try opening and closing your garage door.

Dirty lens

Sometimes, even after you've replaced your battery, you may experience the same problem. This means that you should move on to cleaning both the lens on your remote controller, but also the one on your motor. Sometimes the issue is that there is excess debris on the lens that is making it difficult for the two to communicate properly and operate your garage door.

Using a slightly damp towel or a wet wipe, wipe across the lens on your remote thoroughly. If you notice small scratches on your controller's lens, you shouldn't worry, as the material used to craft the lens is actually fairly resilient. Once you've wiped the remote, also wipe the lens on your motor. Now that both are clean, you should be able to test the system and your garage door should operate as normal.

If you experience additional problems or your remote garage door opener is still not responding properly, you should speak to a professional contractor to either replace the remote or test your garage system.