If an old gate motor is causing your swing gate to stutter while moving, or perhaps if the gate starts to open and close more sluggishly than usual, then it's time to replace the gate motor before it breaks down completely, causing your home all sorts of inconvenience including safety concerns. When choosing to have your household rocked by the wonderful security and convenience afforded by a swing gate motor, two main aspects must be put into consideration in order to find the right motor that suits your application.

Alternating Current or Direct Current

AC and DC motors can both power swing gates. However, DC motors are the popular choice between the two especially in the present world of skyrocketing energy costs.  And there is a good justification for that. Normally, DC motors don't draw as much current compared to an AC motor with a similar power output and thus consumes less power. Consequently, DC motors come with a battery backup operator for situations when powers goes off. So that means when your gate is AC powered, it is unable to proceed with operation until power comes back.

In contrast, DC gate motors will continue with operations even during prolonged power failures because they have a backup battery source. This means you cannot be barred from accessing or exiting your premises as a result of a power problem with your gate motor. The best operator generally depends on the performance sought after in the swing gate operation. For straightforward gate movement between opening and closing limits, the AC motor is more cost effective in respect to initial investment. However, for enhance gate control, user-friendly and efficiency, DC motors have the distinct advantage.

Duty cycle

A number of swing gate operators are designed to operate nonstop all day long, whereas others prefer a relaxed lifestyle in a household with infrequent usage. As such, it is important to select a gate motor with a suitable duty cycle to match your gate application. A high traffic premise will undoubtedly need a motor boasting of a high duty-cycle given that the swing gate is being opened and closed frequently all day long.

On the other hand, a gate motor with a low duty cycle is suitable for installation in a residential swing gate which only works a couple of times each day. So your choice of a gate motor will depend on your duty cycle.