The innovation of automatic garage doors is welcomed with open arms by commercial and residential properties alike. The basic benefits of having an automatic garage door on a property are numerous. Besides the more obvious reasons like safety and security, the fact remains that the convenience offered by owning a garage door opener is much more of a luxury than most would admit. One press of a button grants you access to your home.


The cost of convenience varies depending on the material, style and size of the garage door needed. Despite some preferring the traditional manual garage door, the popularity of automatic garage door openers throughout Australia continues to grow. As the garage is usually the main entrance way into a home for those who live there, you can now control your automatic garage door from anywhere, without having to be near the door to open and close it. While manual garage doors do not require any electricity and they are extremely easy to maintain, these high-tech doors carry weight as well. The new technology even makes garage door opening faster and safer.


Realistically, a consumer can expect to pay as low as $1500 or as high as $3000 for a new garage door. Custom made garage doors skyrocket costs upwards of $6500, making it a true design feature on the property. A handful of DIY options exist for automatic openers as low as $200, but for a higher quality door opener, anticipate spending close to $450.

When taking the more economical route, consider choosing a garage door that is a desired colour or a garage door that can be easily painted the desired colour of choice.

The cost of garage doors varies on several different factors, none more important than quality and style. Considering the cost of maintenance for garage doors, consumers will continue to demand a variety of styles.


Keeping your garage door rollers properly lubricated, replacing old batteries for remote controls as well as keeping the area around the garage door free of debris and environmental decay are the most standard means of maintenance. The majority of garage doors can be easily maintained by the owner of the commercial or residential property, but there are plenty of companies out there that can be hired for regular cleaning and upkeep. As trivial as it may sound, do not forget to clean the garage door itself. Proceed with caution as most garage doors are painted surfaces.