Automatic gates are one of the most convenient ways to secure your property, as they can be opened and closed from a distance and without getting out of your vehicle. They're great at preventing unauthorised access to your property, and they also keep kids and pets safely inside without you needing to worry about awkward locks or other security measures.

As with any mechanical or electronic device, however, automatic gates are only useful when they're working properly. Failure to open is a common problem, but gates that are open and won't close can be even worse. You're faced with the prospect of leaving your property unprotected, which is a huge worry. Here's what to do when your automatic gate is stuck open.

Check the remote control

Many cases of automatic gate failure are due to the simple issue of the remote control running out of power. If it has a light that comes on when it operates, make sure it's showing signs of life. If not, or if there's no light, the problem can usually be fixed by changing the batteries. Even if you've just used it to open the gate, the batteries can sometimes be low enough that the remote suddenly stops working. It's a good idea to keep a spare set of batteries with you in case your remote control suddenly runs out so you can change them quickly.

Inspect the safety sensors

Automatic gates usually have sensors that prevent them closing if there's an obstruction so that, for example, you don't get injured if you're standing in the way. Because these sensors engage if anything covers them, they can be set off by dirt, plant growth or even small animals sitting on them. Take a look at your sensors and, even if you can't see anything covering them, give them a quick wipe with a soft cloth.

Listen carefully

When you try to make the gate close, listen for any sound that the motor is working. If it is, but the gate isn't moving, there could be a number of reasons. Check to see if anything is obstructing the hinges or the gate track, which can stop it from moving freely. If not, it's likely there's a fault in the motor, and you should call a professional to repair it.

See if you can switch to manual

Automatic gates often have a manual mode that can be used in emergencies. If you can switch this on, you should be able to close your gate securely until you can get it repaired. You might find it's already been switched to manual mode somehow; in this case, switch it back to automatic and your problem should be solved.

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