Many people like the traditional look of hinged garage doors, but these require a great deal of space in front of the structure to be able to open them fully. Up-and-over garage doors are also popular because they are relatively cheap and allow you to maximise the amount of space you have available in front of your garage. Another option that is well worth considering is garage roller doors. These are just the same sort of doors that you will find in modern business parks for providing access to light industrial units. However, they can be painted or powder-coated in any finish you like, which means they are just as suited to residential garages. What are their primary benefits?

Improve Security

To begin with, roller doors are much more secure than just about any other type of garage door you could install. When they are rolled up, their slats open up from one another, which allows them to be rotated around a spindle. However, when they are in the down position, each of the slats will interlock with one another to form a very tough barrier that cannot be forced apart. Most roller doors are manufactured from highly durable materials, like aluminium or steel, which means that once they are in position, virtually nothing will be able to get past them. Therefore, they are ideal if you store anything of value in your garage.

Save Space

Another important thing about garage roller doors is that they extend fully upwards. However, unlike a conventional up-and-over garage door, you do not need much space at the top of your garage to accommodate them. Because they roll up like a roller blind, you do not need to keep much vertical space free inside your garage. This is great if you have tall items that you want to store in your garage.

Keep Your Belongings In Great Condition

When you close a roller shutter down over a garage doorway, you not only make it more secure but also create a sealed microclimate inside. Essentially, this means that whatever the weather is doing outside, the contents of your garage will remain unaffected. For example, they will keep out storms and rain that is lashing in horizontally. In fact, they are also very good for keeping out unwanted pests, such as spiders and termites. As a result, whatever you have stored in your garage will be fully protected from nature.